Old Board Game Treasures

The Old Board Game Treasures exhibition turns the spotlight on six nearly forgotten board games from 1879 to 1975. A selection of eloquent, visually appealing game boards from the 1870s to the present day is also on display. Replicas of old board games are available for visitors to play.
8.9.2020 - 4.1.2021

The games in the exhibition offer perspectives into board gaming in the past and the relationship between board gaming and the world around us. The rules of old board games may seem unclear to contemporary players and the lack of play testing may be apparent. Many gameplay standards that we now take for granted had not yet been established. Nevertheless, players are likely to identify precursors to modern board gaming in these games.

The Old Board Game Treasures exhibition is based on the National Library of Finland’s 2019 exhibition Nopista bitteihin – 200 vuotta suomalaista pelaamista. The National Library of Finland has been storing board games in its collection since the 19th century, and it offers one of Finland’s most extensive collections of historic board games.

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