Nature Photographs of the Year 2020

The winning works of the Nature Photographs of the Year 2020 competition are on display in the Vapriikki Gallery space from 9 February to 4 April, 2021.
9.2. - 4.4.2021

The photos in the Nature Photographs of the Year exhibition present the diversity of the Finnish natural environment, its landscapes and activities, as well as experiences and insights gained by the photographers in the wild.

The exhibition consists of all 36 photographs that received prizes in the competition, i.e., the best three photographs in every category and the photos that received an honorary mention. The Nature Photographs of the Year competition is arranged by the Finnish Nature Photographers’ Association.

”The Builder” by Petri Pietiläinen was chosen as the winner of the Nature Photograph of the Year competition, which was held for the 40th time this year. The jury described the winning photograph as a skilfully captured moment in a barn swallow’s building project and its collection of nest supplies. The jury praised the capture of the rare situation in the nature photograph of the year by noting that ”usually this bird can only be seen in flight, but here the photographer has managed to get to the same level with his subject”.

Hei, tämä sivusto ei valitettavasti tue vanhentuneita tietoturvattomia selaimia. Päivitäthän uuteen selaimeen, kiitokset!